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Frostburn 2021: Indefinitely Postponed

When is the last time you updated this FAQ
Before Frostburn 2020.
Why did ticket prices increase in 2020?
We are now required to pay WV taxes on ticket sales. Additionally Brown Paper Tickets has increased their fees. Frostburn has chosen to begin passing fees on to participants.
Can I visit the event site?
No, Frostburn is held on private property. Visting the site may jeopardize our ability to hold the event or your ability to attend.
Am I allowed to camp in an RV?
Yes, you're welcome to camp in an RV, which will be placed in an specific area.  We have a level gravel packed parking lot near Gate that we recommend you use, but if you are experienced with your vehicle and feel that you can safely drive and park it in the main area we won't stop you, unless site conditions are preventing traffic flow inside the event (DPW, Gate Lead or Staff Members have the discretionary power to stop traffic flow at any time during the event.)
Are electric campsites available and/or required for RV camping?
There are no hook-ups or electricity. Remember though propane can freeze!!!!! Bring space heaters and/or heated blankets for your RV in the event that temperatures get so low that the propane heat cannot be used.
Are fireworks permitted? How about flamethrowers?
Fireworks and firearms are prohibited. There are no event or campground regulations prohibiting the use of flamethrowers or other fire-based devices for artistic purposes. Keep in mind that you alone are completely responsible for the safe operation, storage and installation of your dangerous art projects and devices. As in any community, Frostburn participants must obey all local, state and federal laws, including laws applicable to materials and devices used in your art projects. If you have any questions, seek qualified legal counsel.
Are there any age restrictions? Any discounts for children or seniors?
Although participants of any age are welcome at Frostburn, please use the utmost discretion before you decide to bring children to the event: "radical self-expression" means that somebody might choose to express themselves in a way that your offspring might not be ready to confront! Campground regulations specify that minors are not permitted without a parent or legal (court-appointed) guardian (parental consent to attend is not enough). Do not let your child out of your sight; you alone are responsible for you child''s safety and behavior at all times! Sorry, but there are no age-based discounts.
Are there restrooms? Showers?
There are porta-johns located throughout the campsite. No showers or other facilities unless you bring them. You may want to bring wet-wipes for a quick cleanup; just remember you need to keep them from freezing.
Can I bring my dog? Cat? Hamster? (Pets)
No, Pets are not allowed at Frostburn. Leave you furry (or not so furry) family members at home. Please contact us in advance if you have a registered service animal.
Can I bring my own burn barrel?
Absolutely! We''d love to see more decorative burn barrels make an appearance at the event. Keeping your barrel off the ground or using portable fire pits are also recommended to reduce burn scars on the Tundra.
Can I park near the camping area if I sleep in my car?
Only 4-wheel drive vehicles may drive on the site and park in the main camping area. There will be a non-amplified sound car and RV camping area down by the car park.
Can we have our own fires? Can I bring firewood? Will firewood be available?
Yes, you may have campfires at your camp! Larger fires may be erected on grassy areas but must not be constructed on paved roadways and parking areas. Be sure to keep your fire a safe distance from people, trees and other objects. You must use wood from the county we are in, due to the Emerald Ash Borer firewood quarantine and our obligation to protect the environment. Note, that lumber and other building materials are not included in the quarantine, only firewood.
Do I need a ticket?
Yes, tickets are required. All tickets are physical delivery or print at home. At the event when you check-in at the gate you will be given a site token or ticket which you must have with you at all times.
How can I help?
Well, how do you want to help? Frostburn is an all-volunteer, community-sponsored event, so we can use pretty much any assistance you'd like to provide. To make a big impact, bring an art project, art car, theme camp, performance or seminar that encourages others to interact and participate. We need greeters to welcome people to the event, a DPW crew to help with set-up and tear-down, experienced EMTs, Rangers and Fire Safety personnel, gophers and folks to help with logistical matters. When you purchase your ticket we give you the opportunity to volunteer. Want to contribute in another way? Just let us know!
How will we stay warm?
There are also theme camps which provide heated spaces and have fires for people to gather around. We are also asking attendees and especially theme camps to think of creative solutions on how we will keep each other warm. Of course for sleeping, your best friend is a good quality sleeping bag rated -20 or better. There is also one heated space for emergencies, but is not to be used as a social or gathering spot for attendees.
I can only attend Frostburn one day. Is a per-day rate available?
No, prices are the same regardless of how many days you participate. We keep ticket prices as low as possible; ticket prices go up January 1st.
I would like to create a theme camp, but I am afraid of duplicating someone else's idea. How can I be sure not to step on someone else's toes?
Firstly, don't worry too much about it! This isn't the senior prom, where everyone has to show up in a different gown. What's important is that you express yourself at the event, even if someone else feels the same way. That said, you can follow the Art, Theme Camps and Events links on our website to see what others are planning, and please submit any plans of your own. Feel free to collaborate with like-minded others, to create a project that is greater than the sum of its parts!
I'm new to the "burn" concept. What should I expect?
It might sound cliché, but expect the unexpected! What happens to you at a burn depends largely on what you bring to the event. Unlike your typical festival, the features of a burn are defined by its attendees, which is why we call ourselves "participants." The burner community has a "NO SPECTATORS" rule, which means that, in a nutshell, if you come to the event expecting to be entertained, you will probably be disappointed. At a burn, you are the entertainer! You are the artist! You are the performer! If you don't have something to offer to the event, you arguably shouldn't be there. Bring an open mind, a willingness to try something new, and a desire to "share the warmth" with some of the most creative people on the planet!
Is alcohol permitted?
Certainly! What would a burn be without booze? Remember, though, that the legal drinking age in West Virginia is twenty-one (21) years. You are responsible for keeping any alcohol you bring out of the hands (and bellies) of minors.
Is vending permitted, Will there be food and drink sales?
No. All vending, advertising and other commercial activity is prohibited at Frostburn.   Please support our gift economy by sharing, not selling. Violators will be ejected without refund.
I've been to Burning Man plenty of times. Other than Frostburn's winter theme, what are the major cultural, legal or artistic differences?
Frostburn was envisioned to give artists the opportunity to experiment with materials and themes that simply aren't feasible in the desert or during the warmer months. We do support the same Ten Principles as Burning Man and other regional burns, so expect our culture to be similar. As at Burning Man, all Frostburn participants are expected to obey all applicable laws and event regulations. Campground regulations must also be followed.
May I trade a service or something tangible in exchange for admission?
Sorry, but there's no way we could afford to host this year's event without everyone's financial commitment. Each and every person involved must purchase his or her own admission, regardless of other contributions. Quite frankly, it would help a lot if you could contribute even more than your admission price... so please donate as much time, money and effort to Frostburn as your heart, schedule and pocket can afford!
What forms of art are welcome or encouraged?
All works of art are welcome at Frostburn, but participants tend to most appreciate interactive items: those that are animated or can be climbed, drawn upon or moved. You do not have to be an established artist; everyone at a burn is encouraged to express themselves artistically—and radically, at that! If you're an experienced artist, try a medium that you've never used before. Don't be afraid of failure; the important thing is that you try. Unlike other burns, Frostburn does not have an abstract "art theme." If you need inspiration, think about such concepts as communal warmth, winter adversity or the juxtaposition of hot and cold. Participants will gather around installations that provide comfort and protection from the elements!
When does the gate open / close?
Generally the Gate will be open from Noon on Tursday - Saturday Night. The Gate may not be open 24h/day please see the current event details for specific dates and times.
What do I do if I need more time to setup or teardown my camp?
Limited early access passes will be available. Please see the current event details for specific requirements. In the case of inclement weather safety always comes first. There is no unauthorised access to the site.
Where can I cook? Where can I eat?
You can cook anywhere that you will not pose a health or safety hazard (including, but not limited to, oxygen depletion, pollution or unwanted fire). There are no restrictions on where you can eat, but if you eat in front of anyone else, be sure you have enough to share! There is no potable water on site, you need to bring everything with you. Do not drink, cook, clean, or bathe in any water you may find.
Where do I go when I arrive?
You will all enter on main road for the venue. You must stop and check-in at the Gate. Our friendly volunteers will welcome you and point you in the right direction.
Who's running this thing?
This is an all-volunteer, community sponsored event. The Pittsburgh-area burner community, lead by a core group we call the Frostburn Planning Team, has rented or donated the infrastructure to provide the basic framework. However, as Frostburn community members, all participants are expected to contribute to the event's success by donating time, money and effort, and honoring our Ten Principles.
Will security be present?
Non-confrontational community mediators called "Rangers" will be in attendance, to help resolve disputes and assist participants with health and safety issues. In addition to Rangers, Frostburn and campground staff can be approached with any concerns about public safety and security. Event staff reserves the right to evict anyone who violates regulations or poses a threat to our participants or venue. Before calling the police (yes, most cell phones will work at our venue), please try to resolve problems yourself or with our help, unless there is an emergency.
Will there be a main/central stage for performances?
Short answer? Nope!  This is a full participation event, if you would like to build and curate  a stage for other participants to use we would love to see it happen!
Will there be amplified sound? 24/7? Is there a quiet area?
Amplified sound is permitted during the event and we will do our best to make it 24/7. No large sound systems will be permitted during the early arrival period. There is no designated "quiet area," so bring earplugs or an RV if you're concerned about quiet time. Any sound camp that creates a disturbance for our neighbors may be relocated. As a last resort, we'll have no choice but to shut down repeat offenders.
Will there be nudity?
If you're crazy enough to strip down in the middle of February, then we'll have a zone for you. As long as you're not visible to neighbors or passers-by, there shouldn't be a problem. You will definitely see nudity at Polar Bear Club swim in the creek (stream!)
How can I hook up with an existing Theme Camp?
The whole camp? Depending on your personal preferences and the size of the camp one may just want to surreptitiously lick parts of the camp and attempt to claim them, Frostburn suggests no less than 95% coverage before attempting to make a claim. Otherwise we suggest checking out the Unofficial Frostburn Discussion Group on Facebook (see the contacts page for details).
Where is Frostburn (Marvin's Mountaintop) Located?
Marvin's Mountaintop
39.566587, -79.74715
Greens Run-Long Hollow Masontown,
WV 26542

Approximate travel time:
0:45 from Morgantown, WV
1:45 from Pittsburgh, PA
3:15 from Cleveland, OH
3:45 from Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD
5:00 from Richmond, VA and Philadelphia, PA
6:45from Toronto, ON, Canada

GPS directions are not the best once you are nearby we recommend these Printable Directions from Masontown, WV to site

What is the weather like?
Variable. It's winter time, it has been as warm as shorts and tee shirt weather in the sun when working and as cold as -18 without windchill. Come prepared for mild temperatures, freezing temperatures, rain, snow, blizzard, and wind.
What one thing should I worry about?
Only one?

For structures; wind. Frostburn is on top of a mountain on a river valley. Wind, particularly in the evenings can be strong, sustained, and gusty.

For you; staying warm, dry, fed, and hydrated.