Share The Warmth!
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Frostburn 2019: Thursday Feb 14 - Monday Feb 18
Tickets: Available at the Gate Early Arrival: See Registration Page!

Register All the Things

Theme Camps

We are looking forward to see how you are planning on sharing the warmth in your theme camps for Frostburn 2019. Please register your camp so the placement elves can get you situated.

Camp Registration Closed


Get your event listed in the What, Where, When guide for 2019. Whether you're hosting the next "Miss Frostburn Pageant," serving "Noodles at Dusk," running a seminar on "Extolling the Virtues of the Tantric Reverse Sneeze", or "Hosting a Round Table on Frostburn Survival," register your event.

Event Registration Closed

Art and Art Cars

Do you have a 4x4 / Snow capable art car? Send your details to support

Do you have large art you would like to have placed or described in the What, Where, When?

Art Registration Closed

Did you know Frostburn has Art and Temple Grants?

Art Grant Applications Closed

Temple Grant Applications Closed

Early Arrival and Pre-Build

Whether you have a theme camp to set-up, some art to build, or you just can't get enough and you want to help setup Frostburn. Information coming soon on how to request early arrival and pre-build!

Early Arrival Requests Closed