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Frostburn 2019: Thursday Feb 14 - Monday Feb 18
Tickets: Available at the Gate Early Arrival: See Registration Page!

Frostburn endeavors to maintain low ticket prices to achieve the following goals: keep the event accessible to as many people as possible and minimize costs so as to maximize the funds which participants have spend on art projects of their own.

If Gate tickets are availalbe Frostburn prefers CREDIT. Frostburn MAY have tickets at the gate.

Buy tickets via Brown Paper Tickets.

A brief history of ticket prices for Frostburn.
2019: $55 Increase. Moar ART!
2015 - 2018: $50 No-change
2014: $50 Increase: Venue/Vendor cost increase
2013: $35 Decrease: New Venue, fewer amenities, and site incentive/trial pricing
2012: $45 No-change
2011: $45 Increase: taxes
2010: $40 Increase: pay-pal fees
2009: $35 Baseline estimated from first year actual costs
2008: First Year; Pay What You Can